iane Calvert.

The magical combination of living in Paris, France and enveloping herself in the study of the Middle Ages and its art, has inspired Diane Calvert to create her own illuminations founded upon these same medieval works which fascinate her.
Her materials, techniques and recipes are those of the original medieval illuminations: animal skin parchment, 22K gold, oak gall ink, goose or turkey quill pens, and pigments ground from semi-precious stones, minerals, and flowers. With these tools, Diane paints rich illuminations that range from precise reproductions from the pages of Books of Hours to individualized commissioned miniatures to illuminated versals (decorated initials).

After doing graduate work in Medieval Studies at Columbia University, Diane studied alchemy, illumination and manuscript making with Karen Gorst at the School of Sacred Arts n New York City. She is a co-founder of the Gabriel Guild, an organization of artists and calligraphers dedicated to the study, preservation, and faithful reproduction of the medieval book arts.

Diane Calvert has a gallery/studio in Noyers-Sur-Serein (see “contact”) of medieval illuminations of her own creation where she works and demonstrates before the public. Her recent exhibitions includes a one-woman show at the Bibliotheque Georges Perec, Gagny, France, the Sorbonne (Paris IV), the American Cathedral, Paris, Christ Church Cathedral, Houston, TX., various galleries in the New-York City area. Her work is in collections in the United States and Europe (see “contact”).

Diane has lectured at the Sorbonne, the Marmottan Museum, and WICE, all in Paris. She and her work have been shown twice on French television (France 3 Bourgogne), and has been interviewed on France Bleu radio. Bourgogne Magazine and newspaper articles include “Atmosphère”, "Valeurs Actuelles" (receiving two out of three stars for "must see"), "Camping Car", "L'Yonne Républicaine", and "Au Fil de l'Yonne".

Diane at her work here.