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All illuminations are original designs by Diane Calvert, or are “original” reproductions from Books of Hours, Psalters, court manuscripts, etc. from the 7th – 16th centuries. All techniques, materials and recipes are from the Middle Ages and are hand-prepared: animal skin parchment, oak gall ink, goose or turkey quill pens or metal nib dip pens, colors ground from semi-precious stones, earths, plants and flowers, 22K gold.

Each painting is one-of-a-kind; it can be a direct copy from a medieval manuscript, or can be personalized to your specifications, and comes with a detailed description of the medieval techniques, materials, source(s) and symbolism from which the illumination was adapted.

An illumination is an original and welcomed gift, for yourself or others; perfect for weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, baby presents. I will work with you directly to create a unique gift that only you can own or give. Prices for small illuminated floral designs and initials/monograms range from $275 to $400. For larger, more detailed paintings, please ask.



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